The Moncton Hawks, hockey, 1933-1934

The team members:

Sylvester “Daddy” Bubar, Len Burrage, Bert Connolly, James Foster, William Gill, Charles Irvine, Dud James, Eddie Kervin; Frank LeBlanc, Duke MacDonald, Sammy McManus, William Miller, Monty Muckle, Percy Nicklen, Horace Smith, Aubrey Webster, Ambrose Wheeler and William Walker.


Moncton Hawks, 1933; 1934

The Moncton Hawks were the first Maritime team to win the Allan Cup, emblematic of the Canadian amateur hockey champions in both 1933 and 1934.

In 1933 they won the Allan Cup by defeating the Saskatchewan Quakers in Vancouver: and in 1934 they conquered the Fort William (Ontario) Thundering Herd in Toronto: they were the first team to win successive Allan Cup titles with the same roster.

Over 15,000 fans welcomed the team when they returned to Moncton following their 1934 win.

A little known fact about the team is that the Hawks also won the North American amateur hockey championship in 1934 defeating an American team from Detroit in a three game series.


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