Creation of the Hall of Fame

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to a very special day in Maritime sport for today is the day that we officially and formally announcement the creation of the Maritime Sport Hall of Fame.

From a casual conversation over coffee somet 5 years ago, Gord MacInnis and Frank Mitchell pondered a question: Why is there not a Maritime Sport Hall of Fame? We are here today, providing this simple answer: There is now! We needed help in developing the hall, so initially recruited  Mike Tynes, Jack Hardiman, Jack Smith, while Mac Sayle (PEI Representative) Dave Hunter and Paul Gallivan joined a bit later, with Paul becoming VP and Media Relations Co-ordinator. Later that year Jamie Wolverton (NBSHF Executive Director) joined the board as the New Brunswick Representative.

Though we have provincial Sport Halls of Fame that recognize teams and individuals that have excelled in competition or have played a prominent role in building our sports legacy in individual provinces, there seemed to be a void – a place that represented the very best in our Maritime sporting community. There is no doubt that teams had to be good to win a provincial title, but we flt they had to be exceptional to com win a Maritme title or compl eye in for national titles. That void is on its way to being filled today with the first of two legacy inductions, initially covering a period from 1865 to 1965 and from 2015 will represent an ongoing opportunity to recognize teams and individuals that have in the past, and will in the future, be recognized for their considerable contributions to the Maritime sporting story.

At this time I would like to introduce to you the members of the Executive Committee of the Maritime Sport Hall of Fame: Gord MacInnis, Frank Mitchell, Mike Tynes, Jack Hartiman, Jack Smith, Dave Hunter Paul Gallivan . We would like to thank these individuals for their many hours of labour on behalf of everyone. Jamie Wolverton

At this time I would like to introduce two individuals who have been particularly supportive of our goal in the creation of the Maritime Sport Hall of Fame – Tim Outhit, Halifax, Councillor for Bedford and Bill Cruickshank, General Manager of the hall’s new home, the BMO Centre.

The Board continues to evolve withs the 2018 Board consisting of: Frank Mitchell, President & Corporate Secretary, Mike Tynes (Treasurer), Brian Tomie,  Gord MacInnis, Rick Grant, VP and Media-Relations, Mac Sayle (PEI Representative),  Jamie Wolverton (NBSHF Executive Director as the New Brunswick Representative, Bob ‘Mickey’ MacGlashen (Auction/Golf Committee Chair).

The creation of the Maritime Sport Hall of Fame received a significant amount of time and co-operation from many individuals. The committee would like like to thank the following for their generous assistance in our endeavours: Melinda Jarrett and Jamie Wolverton, New Brunswick Sport Hall of Fame; Mr. Leroy Washburn of Oromocto, New Brunswick, George Morrison of Morell, Prince Edward Island, Jim MacCormack and Lowell Cormier of Cape Breton.

The Maritime Sport Hall of Fame has been granted a Certificate of Incorporation from the Nova Scotia Joint Stocks. The goals of this organization are clearly stated in the following mission statement:

The Maritime Sport Hall of Fame will recognize sports teams and individuals who represented their respective provinces, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia and who competed at, and attained honours, at a regional (Maritime or Atlantic) or at a national level of competition. The priority in the early years will be given to teams or individuals in earlier decades, at a time prior to national competition becoming the norm for championship play.

The hall will provide information on teams and individuals from the far and recent past who could act as role models for young people today in order that they might aspire to play and/or compete in sport, some of whom may further be inspired to compete at championship levels themselves.

In keeping with this commitment to youth, as a registered charity the Maritime Sport Hall of Fame intends to, and will be required by its constitution, to donate a significant portion of surplus funds raised to allow those disadvantaged by the high cost of competing in team and individual sports to participate. The Maritime Sport Hall of Fame is committed to give back to youth.

Now, we would like to introduce the inaugural inductees for the Maritime Sport Hall of Fame. First of all, the teams entering the hall are as follows:

  • The Black Ice Hockey League, 1895-1930
  • The Sydney Millionaires, hockey, 1912-1914
  • The Moncton Hawks, hockey, 1933-1934
  • The Halifax Zwickers, fastball, 1946-1947
  • The Shearwater Flyers, football, 1950’s
  • The New Waterford Giants, baseball, 1959
  • The Moncton Beavers, hockey, 1960-1961
  • The Vaughan Furriers, baseball, 1962
  • The Halifax Kingfishers, hockey, 1961-1962
  • The Charlottetown Islanders, hockey, 1981-1984

The first inductees in the individual athlete category are as follows:

  • Yvon Durelle, Baie Ste. Anne, N.B., boxing
  • Philip “Skit” Ferguson, Reserve Mines/Dartmouth, N.S., baseball
  • Forbes Kennedy, Dorchester, N.B./Charlottetown, P.E.I., hockey
  • Willie O’Ree, Fredericton, N.B., hockey
  • Ron Turcotte, Grand Falls, N.B., thoroughbred racing, jockey
  • Leo Woods, Halifax, N.S., baseball/fastball

The inductees in the builder category are as follows:

  • Edgar “Duck” Acorn, Charlottetown, P.E.I., harness racing builder
  • Danny Gallivan, Sydney, N.S., hockey broadcaster, Montreal Canadians, 1952-1986
  • Burton Russell, Kentville, N.S., sport historian/author

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the teams and individuals that form the inaugural class of 2015, the first inductees of the Maritime Sport Hall of Fame. Our congratulations to all of them!

The official unveiling of the pictures and scripts for the first inductees to the hall will take place right here at the BMO Centre on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 12:00 noon and the general public is most cordially invited to attend this ceremony.

The official website for the Maritime Sport Hall of Fame is up and running now. It will outline the Hall’s goals, directors, contact information, the first induction ceremonies, the procedure for joining as supporting members, how to make donations to the hall or to fund-raising auctions, and the process for nominating teams and individuals for the consideration in future years.

The directors of the hall would like to thank you for your attendance here today and hope that your support will continue in the years ahead for the Maritime Sport Hall of Fame.

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