Advertising options: a 50 – inch screen with 3-6 minute cycle loop designed to expose your message to many 10s of thousands of viewers per month is housed in the BMO Centre/ Maritime Sport Hall of Fame in Bedford, NS. It has been up and running since October 3rd and is currently available to companies, associations or individuals.  Pricing is flexible and designed to suit all budgets.


Your ad will be in 3- 6 minute loop, so ads will be viewed a minimum of 10, up to a maximum of 30 – and up to 40 times per hour for an average 15 hour day (8AM- 10 PM) Total views equal approx. 450 per day depending upon the ad chosen. The current shorter loop is viewed about double what the final loop will be by mid-2018, so lots of added exposure in the coming months. Currently the BMO Centre averages 100,000 visitors per month from September to April and 50,000 monthly for the balance of the year (4 summer months). Total Annual visitors equals one million. 


HUGE EXPOSURE:  Twenty-second ads divided into 10 second segments will be shown a total of  13,500 per month and or 162,000 per year


Please call 902-576-2055 (Frank) or 902-223-4445 (Gord) to discuss your advertising options. Long term ads maybe be paid by cheque, e-transfer or VISA/MasterCard.  Short term contacts are to be paid by credit card or e-transfer only.


General Pricing (2016 rates): 

  • The cost to advertise on this screen is: $159 for three months or: $499/year. (Receipts available.)
  • These listed prices are for 20 seconds of time per cycle. Recommended: 2 x 10 second spots. which in the current cycle would air 30 times per hour for a total of 450 views per day.
  • Longer (30 second) or shorter time exposures ( 10 second) are available; please inquire.
  • Ads may be static displays with text and pictures, animations or videos. Videos usually require a a longer time on screen.
  • Until space in the loop has been entirely sold, we are offering comlimentary graphic design on colourful static displays based on your supplied information. You must supply quality i ( high resolution) pictures or logos. Animations or videos must be supplied by the customer.


Individuals or companies:  may also advertise for three months only for special events or attractions, either as a separate event or in addition to their primary ad.