Children's Program

The application form for the Helping Kids Play Sports is under the drop-down menu on this page. Simply click on "Apply of Funds" and an application will be loaded. Simply download or drop and drag on to your desktop, print the form and complete it.

To return the completed form you have several options:

1. You may scan the completed form and e-mail an attachment to   Please put HKPS in the subject line.

2. Fax the completed form to 902-576-2095. 

3. Surface mail it to:  Helping Kids Play Sports Program, Maritime Sport Hall of Fame, PO Box 36075, Halifax, NS    B3J 3S9

 If you have any questions, or if you wish a form mailed or e-mailed to you, please telephone 902-576-2055

The application forms for this program are available now and the first grants of $2000 were presented on June 22, 2016; a follow-up program adding four more awards was completed in June 2017. The next presentation will likely be at the 2021 induction or before, tentatively scheduled for mid-Setember, 2021, depending on the province of Nova Scotia's recommendations for gatherings/crowds.

Applications for 2021 may be sent at any time, with further grants being considered available at the 2021 induction auction or other fundraisers.

NB: If someone requires or prefers a Word version of the Application Form please send an e-mail or call 902-576-2055.


Brief History of MSHOF and “Helping Kids Play Sports”

When the initial discussions took place regarding the idea of the Maritime Sports hall of Fame, it was clear that the organizers wished to take a very different approach … from simply recognizing sports heroes or legends, but to choose groups or individuals that made a significant difference in sport, as well as in the society around them ... in other words, we wanted great sportsmen and sportswomen women who could be role models for generations to come.

As that discussion progressed, it almost immediately went to the issues facing kids today in playing sports due to the high cost of participation. According to reliable estimates at least 1/3 of all kids cannot participate in sports or cultural activities, coming from families where finances are barely enough to cover the essentials of life.

We realize corporations such as Canadian Tire, BMO, Scotia Bank, and others support youth teams in Canada, but many kids cannot even hope to participate on such teams, let alone individual sports in their own community.

And today Kidsport Nova Scotia and local charities do their best to support individual children to play sports.

However, it was not always that way. In the past public schools had recreational, sporting, and cultural activities such as music and theatre for all children. Cities and towns provided sporting fields, arenas, courts and pools at little or no cost. Associations and very special individuals provided opportunities and money    for kids to play sports regardless of their financial situation. More than a good number who benefitted (including the initial founders of this Hall of Fame) are gathered in this room today to be honoured.

 So when we applied for our societal status, we decided to enshrine in our constitution, the goal of using specially raised or/and all excess funds raised to help kids play sports, through, for example, purchase of equipment, fees, registrations ... 

How is that possible? We intended to keep this organization as simple as possible through public fundraising and the use of volunteers. Everyone on the Board is a volunteer; no one even has expenses covered. Space is provided by this beautiful BMO Centre, for which we are very grateful: the website is maintained by volunteers, While all of the photos, framing, and certificates were done by volunteers. We only pay for materials.

Therefore, costs are kept to a minimum: website hosting, Joint Stocks Societal fees, bank fees, and purchasing materials and services for an annual induction ceremony and for writing cheques for the Helping Kids Play Sports program, which will take place in the early annually at each special event or induction.

 On an annual basis we expect to run three programs:

 1. An Induction ceremony in June (like today); 2. An event for “Helping Kids Play Sports;  3. An annual auction; … plus ongoing fundraising through donations, sponsorships, and special events: 4.  A charity golf tournament is being considered, if feasible. Contact Bob MacGlashen at 902-476-9820

 Now… the obligatory “commercial”. If you think what we are doing is worthy and wish, and are able, to donate, we have tried to make it easy to do. Remember small donations by many add up to a lot over time.

 A. There is a donation jar available at all events.

 B. The website has an active Paypal donation button online, complete with a high-security system.

 C. We will accept in-kind donations of items that could be placed for auction. While many items to date have been sports-related, the possibilities are limitless.

 D. Anyone can call our secure phone line at 902-576-2055 & we can take credit cards over the phone.

 E. One can mail in a donation to our PO Box in Halifax. Receipts should be available in the near future; new charities face a long process these days

 F. Suggest a sponsorship to companies you know;  there are many levels of donations possible.

 G. Buy an ad for your company or event on our 52” TV on the wall in the MSHOF display area. Views can be from 7500 to 15,000 per month for reasonable costs.  All sponsorships are  acknowledged on our website and on our large TV screen.

 Please check the website for updates, media events, the Kids Program, as well as public and online auction. Bookmark your browser and check back over the next while for updates, new information. The kids program applications are ready as well as nomination forms for induction on the website.  The Paypal button is up and running now … and you may call the MSHOF  locally at 902-576-2055 any time. 

Finally, a special thank you to those of you who have sponsored and supported us to date. Those names and companies will be on the website on a special new page by May 2021 or sooner.